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Henning Testing Systems just released the new ELVI 2.0 System.

The Elevator Inspection System ELVI has been completely redesigned and is now available in the user-friendly version ELVI 2.0, adapted to the North American standard A17.1 / B44 and the European standard EN81.

Thanks to new transmission standards and a completely new hardware solution, the system no longer depends on Bluetooth and can therefore be used for all travel heights.

New evaluation units guide the user through the test procedure. Thanks to intuitive user guidance, the system can be used after a short briefing, without time consuming and costly training.

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Elevator Inspection System ELVI:

The modern and quality-conscious non destructive testing of elevators requires specialized measuring tools and methods:

The ELVI System permits the testing of

in case of rope elevators:

  • elevator car safeties
  • half-load balancing 
  •  traction force
  • maschine brake
  • rope brake
  • rail brake
  • safety componets of hydraulic elevators

in case of hydraulically driven elevators:

  • pressure-limiting switch
  • safety value
  • hand pump
  • lowering prevention
  • line-brake value
  • throttle check value
  • pipe-break safety divice
  • pressure resistance

without the use of weights or a complicated intervention in the eleva- tor mechanics and electronics.

This is based on the one hand on the unique Henning procedures for the testing of elevators and on the other hand the intelligent accele-ration sensor, the hydraulic sensor HS1 and the unique Henning rope load sensors.

The ELVI System of Henning Testing Systems exhibits all features to fulfil these requirements by finding and realizing new ideas, patents and procedures which are widely accepted throughout the business.

Tests of hydraulic elevators

With the help of the ELVI System the tests of hydraulic elevators can be carried out in a simple and comfortable way.

The hydraulic sensor HS1 is used for the following tests:

  • response limit of the pressure-limiting switch
  • response limit of the pressure-limiting valve
  • response limit of the pressure-limiting valve of the hand pump
  • function and effectiveness of the lowering prevention
  • function sof the line break valve
  • function of the throttle check valve and the pressure resistance of the hydraulic sensor HS1

For the verification of the effectiveness of the pipe-break safety device the accele-ration sensor PS1 is used which can safely check the occurring decelerations forpermissibility.

Hydraulic sensor HS1

Thanks to a quick-action coupling the hydraulic sensor HS1 can be connected to hydraulic power packs without having to depressurize them first.

The large measuringrange of 0 to 250 bar ensures the application for all power packs. A pressure gauge function is integrated into the software interface. This function enables a quick and easy display and monitoring of the current pressure and its relation to the static pressure for the nominal load in the system.